South Africa announces Olympiad team!

The South African Olympiad team has chosen their Men’s and Women’s teams and IM Kenny Solomon will lead a delegation of ten players to Dresden, Germany. The men’s team will include South African champion, 18-year old Henry Steel. IM Watu Kobese will play board #2 and IM Johannes Mabusela will make his debut. The women will be led by African runner-up WIM Anzel Solomons. Apart from the absence of WIM Denise Frick, the team appears solid.

Olympiad Teams – Dresden Germany

RSA Men’s Team
IM Kenny Solomon
IM Watu Kobese
IM Johannes Mabusela
CM Daniel Cawdery
Henry Steel

RSA Ladies Team
WIM Anzel Solomons
WIM Jenine Ellappen
WIM Melissa Greeff
WCM Carmen de Jager
Monique Sischy

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  1. There was a mistake in the original brief… Kobese played in the 2006 Olympiad, but not 2002. I believe he was coaching Botswana at the time. Time certainly goes fast!

    Not sure about Michelakis… didn’t play in 2006 nor did IM Jonathan Gluckman. However Kenny Solomon remains a steady player on the Olympiad teams. He’ll certainly be tested on board #1, but he has a good style to get some upsets. He’s a fighter and he plays to the death. I remember in the Wilbert Paige tournament in 2001, he had nine games that averaged 62 moves!

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