Odion Aikhoje launches blog!

IM Odion Aikhoje

Nigerian IM Odion Aikhoje has launched a very interesting blog which features everything from chess to recipes! He also has a nice collection of photos at several major events including the All Africa Games and the Olympiad. Aikhoje told me that he is in London, England studying in a Sports Management MSC program. He then gave me these sobering words,

“Chess really has an uphill struggle in trying to force it’s way into the mainstream of public awareness, be it as a sport or even as a game. I have been trying to examine ways in which to utilize general sports management academic perspectives to make a case for Chess and it’s difficult.”

He states that there are some viable ideas and the chess world will certainly listen. This topic has been the subject of many blog debates and became acute during the rift in the chess world. Chess seems to have made a rebound, but the question remains on how chess will draw sponsorship. With national federations crying for sponsorship, a marketing strategy for chess becomes paramount.

Aikhoje won a gold man in the 1998 Chess Olympiad in Elista. He is most notably known as a blitz player and his blog is titled, “My Life in Chess: The Memoirs of a Blitz Fanatic.” As Mark Rubery described him years ago, he has “the non-stop patter of the young Cassius Clay.” Odion cuts a dashing presence with his 6’4″ (1.83m) stature and congenial persona. His blog is an outgrowth of his passion for chess. Check out the link here!

IM Odion Aikhoje blitzing with Zambia's Chitumbo Mwali at 2006 Olympiad. Jamaica's Shane Matthews is standing on the right.

IM Odion Aikhoje blitzing with Zambia’s Chitumbo Mwali at 2006 Olympiad.
Jamaica’s Shane Matthews is standing on the right.
Photo from odirov.com


  1. odion is always friendly when we meet at a chess event ,thank you dion for being friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from IM CHITUMBO MWALI

  2. Chitumbo,

    I believe I saw you in Turin, but we did not meet. I hope to be in Dresden for the Olympiad this year. Is this you on the move against Rwanda?? 🙂

    Rwanda plays Zambia at the 2006 Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy.
    Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

  3. Hi, Odion
    I’m really happy and delighted when visiting your website to see my brothers form the continent participating in discussions whitin this amazing and friendly chess community…
    You have all our support here from Mauritania.

    All the Best


  4. I love this idea…….we need a chess revival in Nigeria!! and i guess information marketing is a good starting point….Nigerian chess players needs INFO and ACTION from stakeholders!!

    -Chessguru 8)

  5. Odion!..been a while i experienced your innovative and iconic moves…We need more encouragement back home in terms of info..it would seem chess is dying….im rather surprised ure IM,,,shdn’t it be GM?…pls keep the flag flyin.
    Your brilliance and skills will yet be heard in generations to come
    warm regards!

  6. Hello Odion

    Nice to find some pictures here…specially that one with you.

    Thank you man.

    Musician Emad

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