Greg Kearse on Black Chess in America

Gregory Kearse may be know for two previous articles to Chess Life readers… a July 1998 article on Black Masters and an April 2007 article on Daaim Shabazz. His latest article appears in the latest U.S. Chess Life magazine titled, “Black Chess in America.” In reading the article, I’m not certain on the specific focus, but he covers a variety of material from Carter G. Woodson to celebrity chess players to New York’s “Black Bear School of Chess.

FM William Morrison

FM William Morrison

The article seems to pay special homage to Christopher Welcome’s efforts in the community. Another player mentioned was Gregory Acholonu, a Nigerian native who has primarily been a coach in recent years. The Washington, DC resident has not played consistently for decades. Following is an excerpt:

Like Welcome, Gregory Acholonu earned the title of national master in 1982 and ten years later became a senior master. While his journey was more traditional, Acholonu says he was surrounded by bright lights: “There was Ken Clayton and Frank Street [America’s second and third black chess masters]. I hung around very strong and up-and-coming players like Vince Moore (who is black), Stan Fink, Salvador Rosario, Richard Terry.” When you have players like “Steve Odendahl, Richard Delaune, Eugene and John Meyer and Mark Ginsburg,” Greg says, “it rubs off on you.” He concludes, “Emory Tate was … an influence tactically.”

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