Orrin Hudson in People magazine

Orrin Hudson is in the January 21st issue of People magazine (Britney Spears on the cover). The popular magazine primarily covers the entertainment industry and profiles others who have made the news. People magazine has a circulation of 44 million and Hudson stated that he has received numerous calls as a result of the feature article.

Hudson is the founder of Be Someone, Incorporated and uses chess as a metaphor to motivate youth to make the right decisions in life. He hopes to reach 1,000,000 youth with his program. The amazing thing about Hudson is his knack for getting in the public eye. He has appeared on many national news stations including Good Morning America and appeared in USA Today. He hopes to take his movement international.



    Atlanta, Georgia – Be Someone founder, Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson was honored today as People Magazine hit the newsstand, featuring him as a “Hero Among Us.” Former State Trooper and United States Air Force veteran, Hudson uses his leadership skills and dedication to community service, combined with his innovative award winning education techniques to teach at risk kids life mastery skills through the game of chess.

    “He’s got a way with kids that’s miraculous,” says Jane Fonda, who had Hudson give lessons to kids who were in her teen pregnancy prevention campaign. Hudson has mentored over 20,000 kids since the inception of his non-profit crime prevention program, Be Someone, in 2001. Students learn life mastery skills which improve their concentration, increase their grade point average and keep them in school; teach them teamwork and instill dedication to work for the good of their communities, creating leadership and commitment to American values.

    Hudson continues to expand his outreach program across the country. “My goal is to mentor one million students, in all 50 states, by 2010. Every child deserves to have the right tools to help them Be Someone special. I need the help of dedicated business people, community leaders and educators to continue this work.”

    For more information on Be Someone or to make a tax deductible donation, please visit https://www.besomeone.org/.

  2. Great job!

    The People Magazine article should help to secure talented people and funds that will help Be Someone reach their goal of 1,000,000 students.

    Keep up the good work in our communities.

  3. Congratulations! By sharing your special gift, you enable others to discover theirs. You inspire us all to be better. May your efforts continue to be blessed…

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