Tactics Laboratory #11

2007 Russian Final (Amonatov-Timofeev)
White to move and win!


  1. Many may have not commented yet because they saw the game online like I did. The combination is nice.

  2. They have not commented because either no one could solve it or there is simply no interest in these types of exercises. It is a shame because there is a lot to learn from such a beautiful combination.

  3. Sorry, I thought the following moves were easily seen. Thats the winning line.
    1.Ng5+ Kh6. 2Nf7+ Kh7. 3Qg6 Ng6. 4hg6+ Kg6. 5Bh6+ Kg6. 6Rdf8++ and white wins easily.

  4. 💡
    1.Nd5 can work?
    The Knight attacks 3 pieces and if it’s taken I think is possible to open the b1-g7 diagonal for the Queen.
    My perspective is blitz, of course, without long visions!

  5. Its nice to see participation, but I agree with Daaim that more
    effort should be put into our solutions to these. Please double
    check entries so that we can move on to other problems. Abel, I
    believe you have the correct solution in mind but your entry
    needs polishing. If you correct three typos in your solution and
    add at least one more move, I think we can close this puzzle.

    Hello Julio M, in all variations you consider, it is important to
    remember that for the early moves, white’s bishop on e3 is
    presently unprotected.

  6. Abel, below, I correct your typos on Black’s moves 4., 5., and white’s move 6. Otherwise, good job!

    1.Ng5+ Kh6. 2.Nf7+ Kh7. 3.Qg6 Ng6. 4.hg6+ Kg7. 5.Bh6+ Kf6. 6.Rdf1 Bf2. 7.Rf2++

  7. I was blitzing through, Check these line now.
    1.Ng5+ Kh6. 2Nf7+ Kh7. 3Qg6 Ng6. 4hg6+ Kg6. 5Bh6+ Kf5. 6Rdf8 Bf2. 7Rf2++

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