Jamaica’s Ian Wilkinson releases new book!


Attorney Ian Wilkinson signs a copy of his new book, “Excitement Galore: Chess in all its Glory”, for former Jamaican international footballer, Wolde Harris. Both Harris and Wilkinson are Alumni of Kingston College  (KC).


Well… as I continue to recover from the crash of my hard drive, I bring a very nice story out of Jamaica concerning Maurice Ashley’s visit and a new book by Ian Wilkinson. Wilkinson is the President of the Jamaican Chess Federation and has written his second book titled, “Excitement Galore: Chess in all its Glory.”


CADEC Co-Chairman, Allan Herbert of Barbados (left), shares a moment with FM Warren Elliott (current Jamaican Champion), Edison Raphael (Trinidad), National Masters Bob Wheeler (Jamaica) and 7-time Jamaican Champion Shane Matthews (back to camera).


Officials from around the Caribbean were on hand to support the launch and to partake in the Fred Cameron Open which started on today. I couldn’t be there since I have to report my grades at my university on Monday. However, I hope to do a review of the book soon. Here are some pictures of the event and Bertram Scott did a story.



  1. Ian Wilkinson just delivered to me an autographed copy. A very handsome edition I must say! 😮 I actually read the manuscript some time ago, but I’ll have to read the finished version and give a review. Very interesting reading and the presentation of chess is attractive to people interested in learning. I was honored to do the foreword of his first book on the 2002 Chess Olympiad.

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