1. It is happy times for black chess players. With 2 GM’s and a GM elect the future is bright. I believe this is the time for pan African chess players to rise and show all what they are able to do. congratulations to Carlson for his achievements.

  2. Congratulations!!!! on your GM title.

    Mr. Carlson its not easy over here, just ask Amon. Pete did a job on him at the World.


  3. You’re talking about in 2001, right? Actually Pete beat him twice (World Open and Wilbert Paige), but both Amon and Pontus are definitely the real deal!

    I also think Amon is a lot more focused now than back in 2001 when he lost about 100 ELO points (2470 to 2368). He’ll get these ELO points and be the 3rd. Pontus’ location makes strong tournaments accessible. I think he would definitely impress here in the U.S.

    I’d like to have a round robin tournament with Ashley, Simutowe, Carlsson, Tate and perhaps four other IM-level Blacks (or with IM norms). 💡 Gwaze would be hard to get because Zimbabwe’s relationship with the U.S. They may not give him a visa. However, Farai Mandizha has been here, so we’ll see!

  4. Congrats to Mr Carlsson. It is a commendable achievement and it is achievements like this which i believe will inspire the rest of us to improve and hopefully make it too.

  5. Dr. Shabazz, I have visualized the dream tournament that you mentioned for the past two years. I think it would take nearly $100,000 to bring it to fruition, paying all expenses of the players and guaranteeing all cash prizes & gifts to commemorate the event, and at lest a $ 10,000 first prize. It is possible but it would probably need State sponsorship,preferably, African. As there is no history of black cooperate or individual responsibility in this area. That is except for you my dear brother, your contributions are unequaled and you are worth more than your weight in gold.

  6. A couple of years ago, I had started organizing a 32-player tournament so that players of African descent could vie for IM and GM norms. National champions and legends were on the invitation roster. Interestingly enough, Emory Tate was the first to commit. I stood down due to Maurice Ashley’s HB Global Chess Challenge. Having such a tournament could not happen during the Olympiad years since players from Africa and the Caribbean are not able to take off twice in the same year from their work committments. I still have all of those notes and yes… I estimated it to be in the neighborhood of US$100,000. The expenses kept going up and up. I am working on a few things, but need a foundation to raise funds. That is coming.

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