Video: IM Robert Gwaze on YouTube

On last December 3rd, I wrote a story about Robert Gwaze’s participation in a chess camp in Malaysia. An organizer from Malaysia sent me a clip which was posted on YouTube. I added the link to the story, but I wanted to share it with you here. I believe it was FIDE’s Ignatius Leong who told me Gwaze was in Singapore working as a trainer.

I hope to have some instructional videos by players of African descent. We have to begin making literary contributions to chess… quality books, tournament booklets, instructional videos, photographs, annotated games, documentaries, websites, blogs, etc. I have not found any other content of a Black Master analysing chess on Google or YouTube. Below is Gwaze giving the presentation in Malaysia. If Gwaze wins the ongoing African Championships, perhaps we will see more!

The video is only about a half minute, but you’ll enjoy.

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  1. don`t worry bro , i hv mangd to c sm of ur fan`s kwirs nd it`s a little bit amazng but a gud advise nver lose concetration when plyng chess nd nver undermine ur opponent …………………. gud luc ……………….

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