Month: September 2007

  • Tom Murphy: King of Dupont Circle

      Tom Murphy in his office at the famous Dupont Circle. Photo Vaughn Bennett just sent me a link to an article from the Washington Post on Tom Murphy, a DC-based legendary chess hustler. Those who have been to Dupont Circle in Washington, DC have no doubt heard his name…

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  • HHCF kicks off Kings tournament on October 13th!

        Inside Bay Area The Chess Drum   [youtube][/youtube]

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  • Opinion/Editorials

    Changing of the Guard

    Ever since Garry Kasparov retired (and even prior to), there has been a slow changing of the guard in chess. The powerful Soviet School of Chess still reigned after the fall of the Soviet Union. However, the advent of computers, the migration of Russian players and simply the passage of…

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  • Tactics Laboratory #10

    Famous Position – if you’ve seen this before then don’t spoil it! 😉 Black to play and win!

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  • Computers

    The Importance of Chess Literacy

    We often talk about the importance of literacy in society. It is even a contentious issue in some countries… the right to learn to read. Obviously, it is essential to learn the rudiments of writing, reading and speaking. A person respected is one with measured words and a strong pen.…

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  • Championship Reflections by FM Steven Kawuma

    Uganda’s Steven Kawuma (Photo by Daaim Shabazz)   INTRODUCTION The African Individual Championships took place from 31/08/07 to 11/09/07 and had players from fourteen countries; Uganda, Egypt, Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tunisia, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Nigeria, Angola and Sudan. Forty seven players took part in the open section. The biggest…

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  • Steven Kawuma writes on his FM feat

    Steven Kawuma has long been thought to be the heir apparent to many Ugandan chess legends. He has represented his country in a number of tournaments including the Olympiad. In the recent African Chess Championships held in Windhoek, Namibia, the University of Makerere alumnus writes about his journey to earn…

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  • Tactics Laboratory #9

    Lightning Tactics from Thin Air Black to move and win! Also try out the “Chess Crackers” from African Championships

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  • 2007 Jamaican Championship

      FM Warren Elliott  The 2007 edition of the Jamaican Championship has come down to the last three rounds. FM Warren Elliott leads the pack with +5 on 6½-1½. The four-time Jamaican champion was upset in the 8th round by Mikhail Solomon while Equitable Brown has won six consecutive games…

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  • Open Forum

    This is a chance to discuss any chess topic (past or present) that you prefer. It was an exciting summer for chess and we are now in the midst of the World Chess Championship in Mexico. Lots to talk about. You can also post suggested topics and tell us what…

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