1. Useful ending. Either everyone knows the solution, or no one enjoys these endings. I think they are very incisive and practical.

    1…Kc5 2.Kc7 (white has to hide from the rook check) Kd5 3.Kd7 Ke5 4.Ke7 Kf4 5.Kf6 (5.Rf8+ Kg5 6.Rg8+ Kh6) 5…Rf1! 6.Rxh2 Kg3+ 0-1

  2. Hi Daaim,
    I just saw you had this one up. Yes, this is a great ending. I agree that tactical endings like this are very practical when you
    have only a few seconds left to assess the board. Many players
    would take one look at this and assume that this was an inevitable draw but having an advanced pawn and a well positioned king should always count for something-why not a win!!

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