Day: August 14, 2007

  • Qualifiers from 2007 World Cup

    Here is the list of the Qualifiers for the next World Cup: a) From World Championship Tournament 2007: 1. V. Anand (IND) 2. A. Morozevich (RUS) 3. P. Leko (HUN) 4. L. Aronian (ARM) 5. P. Svidler (RUS) 6. B. Gelfand (ISR) 7. A. Grischuk (RUS) * The 8th player…

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  • CMMB tourney a smashing success!

    Trinidad’s Edison Raphael made modest projections for the CMMB Caribbean Chess Championships, but in an interview with The Chess Drum, he stated that the tournament exceeded his expections. A total of 104 entries with the following breakdown in four sections: 36 in the Open, 30 in the under-20,  27 in the…

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