2007 World Open: Reflections

Time for reflections!

The 2007 World Open was an interesting tournament for a number of reasons. It was extremely competitive in all sections, there were many exciting and high-quality games, the new venue had a couple of redeeming qualities (all players in same room) and World Open spirit was a high as ever.

Here are some of my personal highlights:

  • Simply being able to play some exciting chess (+1 in under-2200)
  • Interviewing Maurice Ashley and William Morrison
  • Analyzing with Emory Tate… he graciously offered to show me his game with Bercys
  • Watching FM Kazim Gulamali develop as a player and person (I’ve known since he was seven)
  • Chatting with GM Sandipan Chanda of India
  • Eating at Jaipur Indian restaurant on the first night
  • Watching Hikaru Nakamura at the blitz tournament (videos coming!)
  • Updating the blog with World Open reports… exciting!
  • Witnessing a roomful of people from so many different social dimensions… interesting!
  • Being warmly received by so many chess players from around the country and world… many thanks!

What I would like to do is entertain any reflection that you may have on the World Open. Feel free to make any comments whether positive or negative… whether it is the food, an incident, something pleasant, a game you played, something funny or whatever you would like to share.

Stay tuned for reports, photos and… audio and video content!


  1. I really disliked the playing site this year. It did not have nearly enough room for all of the players. Also, it was pretty hard to get a decent meal (price and quality). Anyway, I can’t wait for the video.

  2. You’re right KB. I stayed in the Scanticon and they had an Italian restaurant where you could get a bowl of fancy pasta for $15. 🙁 Amon Simutowe took me to Chumley’s at the Radisson and I saw lots of players there, but there were not many food choices. I had a veggie wrap (good!) and ate a couple of meals off the tournament site… California Pizza at the mall and Jaipur India across from the Inn at Valley Forge. However you had to have a car because a shuttle is not the best way to get around.

  3. I, for one, will be glad when the venue move back to Philly next year. There wasn’t much to do after the games and the restrooms were too small to accommendate the large group of chess-players during round play. On the upside, thanks for your heads-up on the drum blog that alerted me about Scanicon and Valley Forge. I knew how to prepare. Its amazing how cup of soup and a little hot water can save expense of a morning meal!

    Peter Roberts
    Harlem, New York

  4. “Thanks for the drum and all your hardwork to keep us connected and informed. Also, thanks to all the drum community who supported Darrian at the World Open with words of encouragment and acknowledgment of her chess game or a nod of recognition. She felt the love!”

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