2007 World Open: The Final Stretch


Hikaru Nakamura and Varuzhan Akobian pawn off in the 7th round. Both games (vs. Alexander Stripunsky and Leonid Yudasin respectively) were drawn. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

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Going into the last round of the World Open, there is a five-way tie for 1st with Hikaru Nakamura, Leonid Yudasin, Varuzhan Akobian, Alexander Stripunsky and Sandipan Chanda on 5½-1½. There is a massive seven-way tie for 2nd place and going into the last two rounds (5-2) so the tournament is still wide open. Chanda has won three games in a row and will no doubt get a stiff test in round eight. Nakamura drew with Akobian and Stripunsky and in the latter game some very interesting tactics occurred.

Saddled with time pressure, Stripunsky looks to be down a piece after Nakamura’s 1…Bxf3, but he enters a line beginning with 2.Qxf7 [perhaps 2.gxf3 is a good try given that 2…Qxb6 3.Qxf7 gives strong initiative.] 2…Bc6 3.Re6 Qxb6 4.Rxg6 [Fritz suggests 4.Qxg6+ Kg8 5.Rxc6 Qb8 6.Qe6+ and gives white the advantage] 4…Rg8 5.Rxg7+. Here Stripunsky claimed a draw and gave a back and forth motion with his finger. A befuddled Nakamura looked then he saw the perpetual check. On 5…Rxf7, white plays 6.Qf5+ Kh8 7.Qf8+ etc.

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On another note, I did an audio interview with GM Mark Paragua of the Philippines and got an interesting game from IM Emory Tate against IM Salvijus Bercys. It was another creative gem with a lot of tactical subtleties. I’ll provide the game with the analysis that he gave.


  1. Welcome TCG!
    Have been by your blog on occasion. Keep up the good work!
    On the Paragua game… I had just finished watching the Tate-Nakamura game and wandered over to Bonin-Paragua. Mark Paragua had a menacing position, so I began copying the position down on the back of a scoresheet. I did the same for Nakamura-Tate and Paragua-Nakamura.

    Once the combination was played, I got every move of it. I did not get the moves leading up to the position. It is interesting because had I not copied it down, the position may not have seen the light of day, but it is a stunning combination.

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