Nakamura wins National Open!

GM Hikaru Nakamura emerged victorious after coming off of subpar showings at both Foxwoods Open and the U.S. Championship. It appeared as if he would stumble once again after being held in a wild battle with IM Enrico Sevilliano. Going into the last round against IM Renier Gonzalez, he needed a win and showed his mettle by playing for a win in a roughly equal position. The game drew a crowd of spectators since it would decide on the prize allocation. After Nakamura won the marathon battle, he quipped that he finally played “real” openings this tournament, a divergence from his 2.Qh5 and Alekhine openings. He was surprised that his fans were in firm support of him despite his apparent lack of fire in the two tournaments aforementioned. According to a report at, Nakamura stated that he is more determined and will come to the World Open with a will to win. Full Story!

[youtube][/youtube] Varuzhan Akobian battles Hikaru Nakamura in a fierce battle during the Blitz tournament. Nakamura can be heard uttering, “Are you kidding?” when Akobian grabs the queen from Hikaru’s side of the board. Merab Gagunashvili is playing Amon Simutowe on board 2.


  1. Hello Daaim

    I will admit I am one of those who has never used a blog. I am not sure if this is it, but I will send my comment anyway.

    I think someone has stumbled on something with the televising of blitz games. The YouTube footage of the game between Akobian and Nakamura is one of the most exciting things in chess that I have seen recently.

    I think its because two grandmasters are playing the same way we play in Jamaica. It makes them almost seem human. Also Nakamura seems like a very exciting player.

    What really put the icing on the cake was the way in which Simutowe looked over on the game as if he was in a daze.

    I have played the footage about 10 times and I still cannot get enough. I hope more exciting games between GMs become available.

    I saw another game where it seemed as if all the pieces were on their sides and/or were in two or three squares at the same time, and the players continued as if nothing was wrong!

    Anyways Later

    Peter Myers
    VP Jamaica Chess Federation

  2. Certainly… this IS it and your comments are welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing comments by more players from “backa yard”! 🙂

    Nakamura is a phenomenal blitz player. Seeing him in person is even more amazing. He has set records at the Internet Chess Club for rating. If you’re ever at the ICC his handle is “smallville.”

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