Day: February 12, 2001

  • Africa

    Meet Nigeria’s IM Odion Aikhoje

    IM Odion Aikhoje of Nigeria, the board two gold medal winner at the 1998 Olympiad in Elista, is an example of the rapid improvement of Nigerian players. Nigerians can be found dotting the tournament halls of the U.S., England, Africa and throughout the world. IM Aikhoje is admired for being…

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  • Drum Majors

    Historic Moments: Morris Giles, Charles Lawton & R.O. Mitchell

    Pictured above is NM Charles Lawton (L) analyzing with FM Morris Giles (R) after their last round encounter at the 1982 Midwest Masters Invitational in Chicago, IL. This game showed the fighting spirit of both players. Neither Giles nor Lawton are currently active. FM Giles had nearly earned a 2500…

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  • The Chess Drum

    The Spirit of Chess and “Trash-Talking”

    Muhammad Ali, champion trash-talker “Trashing Talking” is a very common pastime among Black sportsmen, and the demure sport of chess is no exception. Particularly amongst Black players here in the U.S., you can walk into a club with players engrossed in a tense battle interspersed with chess banter and laughter.…

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