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Residence (City, Country):


1. Name the African player who won the board two gold medal in the 1998 Olympiad held in Elista, Russia.

IM Amon Simutowe (Zambia)

NM Dawit Wendimu (Ethiopia)

IM Odion Aikhoje (Nigeria)

IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe)

2. Who is the first Black player in the U.S. (on record) to officially earn the title of National Master?

3. Name the player in the photo below peeking over the shoulder of GM Michael Adams.

4. The Jamaican Chess Federation was founded in 1969 by this chess visionary, also a prominent lawyer.

5. Which player of African descent most recently earned his third and final norm for FIDE's International Master's title?

Pontus Carlsson (Sweden)

Kenny Solomon (South Africa)

Stephen Muhammad (USA)

William Morrison (USA)

6. Classic game played by one of the game's most unassuming heroes in Black chess. In this devastating attacking game, he finishes with the beautiful 26.Qxf7+! Who is this player?

FM Emory Tate

NM Walter Harris

FM Morris Giles

IM Robert Gwaze

7. This legendary chess club is responsible for producing premier Black players in the New York area.

8. This celebrity chess player once took a chess lesson from U.S. National Master Marvin Dandridge.

9. Name the only Black female player in Africa with a FIDE title.

10. There are only two U.S. players to earn a 2500 rating in the U.S. Chess Federation. Maurice Ashley is one of them. Who is the other?

FM Morris Giles

FM Emory Tate

IM-elect Stephen Muhammad

FM William Morrison

11. In what event did Amon Simutowe of Zambia earn his International Master's title?

12. From the island of Dominica, he was responsible for funding the historic Wilbert Paige Memorial Chess Tournament. Name him.